Please find out how BOA-Afrika e.V. was already able to help:

2022: Health insurance for many Ghanaians

We are happy to have been able to pay for the health insurance for 302 children and 47 adults of the villages Mampong Nkwanta and Larteh in Ghana.

2022: Drugs for infirmaries of two schools in Ghana

After two schools have asked us to help them with drugs and other medical things for their infirmaries we bought antibiotics, painkillers, dewormer, folid acid, anti malaria drugs, malaria test kits, gauze, plaster and examination gloves. 

2021: Urgent help for Kate and her team in Twumguaso

In August 2021 our project coordinator Abi was called by Kate who is the head of the health center in Twumguaso / Ghana. The small clinic asked BOA - Afrika e.V. to provide some very necessary things which were urgently needed. Of course we tried to help and after asking for donations on Facebook we were able to buy a scale, a fetal doppler, blood pressure instruments, sterile gloves and hand sanitation.


Kate and her team were very happy and say a big thank you to every donator:


"On behalf of Twumguaso staff, we say a very big thank you for all you have done to help provide good health and sustain lives. It is our prayer that the God Lord bless you all with good health and prosperity. God bless you all. Thank you. Kate"

2021: Quick support for Okrakwadjo

At the beginning of June Abi told us that the clinic in Okrakwadjo urgendtly needed gloves, syrings and bandages. Of course we organised all items. Lydia and her team were very happy about the quick support of BOA - Afrika e.V.

2020: Face masks and blood pressure monitors for two health centers in the Eastern Region of Ghana

A German doctor offered us 300 face masks for clinics in Ghana. After we had received them we happily sent them to Okrakwadjo Health Center and Akropong Health Center in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The masks can be cleaned easily in different ways, so that it is possible to reuse them many times. Because Covid 19 is also a problem in Ghana the masks were urgently needed by the teams of the two clinics. 


2020: 6 Blood pressure monitors for a regional hospital in Ghana

Because Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital asked us to help them out with blood pressure monitors we immediately organised to buy the items.


The Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital is located in Mampong Akuapem in the Eastern Region of Ghana. It is a bigger hospital in a rural area. So it is the main hospital for many people in the surrounding villages. 



2020: Help against Corona at Okrakwadjo Health Center / Ghana

BOA - Afrika e.V. already supports the entire team of Okrakwadjo Health Center since many years.


Day and night from Montay until Sunday the small clinic is open to patients. The team of the clinic lives next to the complex, so that they are always available in case there is any emergency. 


Unfortunately there is always a lack of even basic things to help treating the patients properly. Not even a doctor works at Okrakwadjo, so that patients often need to be referred to Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital in Mampong Akuapem / Ghana. 


To help the clinic team of Okrakwadjo in their fight against Corona we bought personal protective equipement, thermometers, disinfection, paper towels and soap. 


2020: Help against Corona at Akropong Health Center / Ghana


Because of being in need of personal protective equipment Akropong Health Center asked us to help.

Of course we hurried up to organise everything they had asked us for as quickly as possible, i.e. masks, gloves, thermometer, disinfection, soap and paper towels.


In many health centers in Ghana there is often a lack of basic equipment.


Although soap is always available in western countries, soap is not always available in Ghana.

So even with a small donation to our NGO we can buy simple things for the health centers in Ghana which can make a huge difference.


2020: Help against Corona at Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital

In June 2020 Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital in Mampong Akuapem / Ghana asked BOA-Afrika e.V. for help to fight Covid 19. Of course we decided to support them again. So we bought all items the hospital urgently needed, i.e. infrared thermometers, gloves, face masks and disinfection gel.

2019: Medications for Okrawadjo



In July we bought different medications for the health center in Okrakwadjo, i.e. pain killers, dewormer, blood tonic for pregnant patients and anti malaria drugs. Our project coordinator Abi organised everything for us.

2017: Medical instruments for Tinkong




We visited Tinkong for the first time only this year, because our project coordinator told us about the problems the clinic faces every day.


Of course we were immediately willing to help and asked for a list with things the clinic staff needed the most. 
So we donated dressing material, medications, gloves, blood pressure instruments, glucometers, thermometers, one fetale doppler and a complete set of medical birth instruments.


2017: Help for Okrakwadjo



Since 2012 BOA-Afrika e.V. is supporting the clinic in Okrakwadjo.


Every time we are in Ghana we bring medical equipment to their health facility.


This time we took thermometers, dressing material, one fetale doppler and sterile birth covers from Germany to Ghana. Furthermore we bought additional dressing  material, medicines and different kind of gloves in the capital Accra. 

2017: 61 glasses for Ghana

Before traveling to Ghana we asked family and friends for glasses that are not in use anymore and could be therefor given to needy people in Ghana.

In total we took 61 glasses with us and gave a few of them directly to people in Amanokrom. The rest of the glasses will be distributed among people with eye problems who cannot afford the costs of 60 € to get a new pair.

2017: More help for a hospital in Mampong/Ghana

We were able to support the Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital in Mampong several times in the past. So of course this time we brought a lot of items for the clinic staff from Germany again and later bought more things in the capital "Accra".

Before traveling to Ghana this time we asked people for their old glasses on Facebook. In the end we were able to collect almost 60 pairs. The team of the eye department happily received them and will give them to needy people who cannot afford to pay 60 € for new glasses.

Other items we could donate were katheters, different kind of tubes, an inhalation machine, respiratory masks, dressing material and ECG electrodes.

2017: Health insurance for Ghanaians

Last year a young German lady decided to make a special birthday wish. Instead of receiving a usual present she asked her workmates for donations for our charity.

We were absolutely stunned when we found out about her wonderful gesture and happily spent the money on paying the health insurance for people from Ghana.


2017: Help for Mampong

When our project coordinator Abi told us about the bad situation in the regional hospital in Mampong, we decided to help as fast as possible.


So after packing a box that contained several blood pressure instruments, stethoscopes, thermometers and other medical things we went to the post office in Berlin and made everything ready for the shipping of the parcel.

After about four weeks the donations arrived in Ghana where Abi collected them from Koforidua and delivered everything to the Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital in Mampong.

2015: Mosquito nets for Kenia

End of 2015 we were able to donate 100 mosquito nets to people from Kenia. 


Especially pregnant and breastfeeding women, widows and disabled received a net and were happily dancing and singing for us to say "Thank you!". 

The town where the project took place is called Kaptama and lies in the western part of Kenia close to the border of Uganda. 

2015: New matresses

BOA-Afrika e.V. bought six new matresses for the Health Centre in Okrakwadjo/ Ghana.

Furthermore we took a lot of different dressing materials and medical instruments from Germany to Ghana. The staff of Okrakwadjo is always in need of those items to be able to treat their patients properly.

Together with the matresses BOA-Afrika e.V. could also buy a new hanging scale to weigh the children, one blood pressure instrument and two glucometres with extra stripes.

2015: ECG and more

Again we have brought lots of medical items to Ghana. Those items are not in use anymore in German hospitals, because they are too old or vasectomy of medical instruments would be too expensive.

So we have received an ECG, many scissors and forceps and a bag valve mask.

Most donations went to Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital in Mampong/ Ghana, but little of it also was received by the staff of Okrakwadjo Health Centre.

Furthermore we brought laboratory and dressing materials with us.

2015: Elisabeth is happy

Elisabeth visited us in our Ghanaian home one day to ask if we could pay the costs for her health insurance.

She told us that she was born in 1957, worked at the nearby market, but didn´t have enough income to be able to pay for the health insurance herself.

She was worried about what would happen to her in case she got sick and couldn´t afford a doctor.

Of course BOA-Afrika e.V. happily went with her to the insurance office.

So now Elisabeth is not afraid anymore to become sick, because she knows she will receive medical treatment for free then and be able to continue working after her recovery.

February 2014: Package of medical instruments

A package with about 15 kg of scissors, forceps, laryngoscopes, blood pressure instruments and other donations has arrived at Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital in Mampong/ Ghana.

The staff of the clinic was really happy about having more medical instruments for examinations and operations available now.

Letter of the hospital in Ghana to say "Thank you"
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January 2014: Package for Ghana

A package full of medical instruments is on its way to Ghana.

We have received the items from a hospital in Berlin/ Germany, that didn´t need them anymore.

2013: One more year...

In 2013 BOA-Afrika e.V. paid the costs for the health insurance for one more year for several people from Amanokrom/ Ghana.

2013: Mosquito nets against malaria!

In July 2013 BOA-Afrika e.V. happily surprised many children of a primary school in Ghana.


The day before summer holidays 144 young boys and girls received not only their school certificate, but also life-saving mosquito nets.

Before distributing the nets, several employers of the nearby Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital in Mampong explained how to use the nets correctly.

2012: We registered 136 people...

In 2012 BOA- Afrika e.V. registered 136 people to receive health care in Ghana.


Especially children are subjected to diseases. 1400 children die because of malaria every day.


If children could be treated by a doctor early enough, they had the opportunity to recover.

The main problem is that many parents are too poor to pay the costs for the national health insurance. So parents can´t work and children can´t go to school if they are not healthy.


At the end it is like a cycle that must be broken, because healthy parents can go to work and earn money to buy food and pay school fees.

Healthy children can go to school regularly and find oneself a well-paid job later.

2012: Health Centre Okrakwadjo/ Ghana

In 2012 BOA- Afrika e.V. was able to buy several dressing materials (gauze bandages, compresses, disposable gloves, ...) for the Health Center in Okrakwadjo/ Ghana.

Additionally we took over the costs for a hanging scale, a glucometer and a few medical instruments.

The small clinic in Eastern Region also got many things of our Campaign First Aid Box.

Susanne Poick gives the bought glucometre to Vivian.
Susanne Poick gives the bought glucometre to Vivian.

Donations for the Health Centre
Donations for the Health Centre


2011/ 2012: Campaign First Aid Box

In many places it's obligatory to carry a First Aid Box in the car.

All these boxes show a date of expiry which needs to be controlled regularly. If the box is already expired, it should be exchanged. Many of the First Aid Boxes are then trashed.


In many countries dressing materials are always available, not so in many African countries.

By covering the wounds sterile, you can avoid getting infections which could cause death.


BOA- Africa e.V. asked you to donate your expired First-Aid-Boxes. So we were able  to distribute them to hospitals in Africa.

2012 we delivered your dressing donations to the Health Center in Okrakwadjo and to the Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital Mampong in Ghana.

All donations were accepted with a lot enthusiasm and appreciation. We presented two big suitcases full of dressings, including many gauze bandages, space blankets, compresses and needles.