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Barely sufficient medical instruments

To ensure fluently examinations and treatments hospitals require sufficient medical instruments.

Unfortunately instruments are in reality not at all or only in small quantity available.

Limited vasectomy

In cause of this shortage a lot of examinations or treatments can't take place.

Vasectomy of the instruments take some time. Because instruments are rare, doctors and nurses don't have enough clean instruments available.

Lots of hospitals use the same instruments for many different patients to be able to medicate them all.

In so doing life-threatening diseases are transferred easily.

Actually used instruments should be cleaned properly after each patient to be truly aseptic.

If the hospitals had a lot of instruments available, they could clean them properly after use. Then every patient could be sure to be treated sterilely.

Your help

BOA-Afrika e.V. collects all kind of medical instruments for african hospitals.

Please don't hesitate to contact us, to clarify if we can receive your donation at the moment or not.